npm publish包报404,is not in the npm registry错误

1. 指定发布目标2. 登录npm,使用登录名发布包,包名命名原则“@登录名/包名”,或 “包名”

3. 删除某一个版本npm unpublish @pvfhv/eslint-config-prettier@1.0.1 --force


Unfortunately, there is no longer any way to re-use a previously unpublished version of a package in the npm registry. The reason for this is that various systems rely on "name@version" being a unique identifier, and start throwing security warnings if the shasum changes.

While this policy is inconvenient in situations like yours, it also closes a very significant potential security vulnerability if any part of the registry infrastructure is ever compromised, without asking humans to keep track of opaque shasums themselves.

For this reason, we recommend bumping the "patch" version for even the most trivial updates.文章来源地址


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